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We are a coalition of community members, public officials, health practitioners, and health organizations whose mission it is to identify critical unmet needs and seek ways to address them.  Founded by the Dukes County Commissioners, we promote community-wide health and wellness through the development of a cooperative, integrated health care network and through public education.  For those interested in serving on the Council, a volunteer application may be found on the following link.


Mary Jane Williams, CHAIR, Consumer

Louise Clough, SECRETARY, Consumer, Nominating Committee


Alexis Babaian, Community & Population Health Specialist, Inter-Island Public Health Collaborative 

Holly Bellebuono, Executive Director, ACE MV

Michael Bellissimo, Consumer, Health Data Group

Victor Capoccia, Interim-Director, SUD Committee

Tnicia Chandler, RN, Wampanoag Tribe

Leslie Clapp, Executive Director, MV Center for Living

Richard Cohen, Associate Commissioner for the Disabled and for Youth

Cindy Doyle, Consumer, MV Youth Task Force &Healthy Aging MV

Randy Dull, Veterans Services Officer, Dukes County

Betsy Edge, Counselor, Health Imperatives, Family Planning

Beth Folcarelli, Director, Martha's Vineyard Community Services

Alan Ganapol, CEO, MV EMT Association

Bruce Golden, DDS, Practitioner

Alan Hirshberg, MD, chief medical investigator, Veteran's Health Administration

Marcy Holmes, NP, Martha's Vineyard Hospital & Family Planning Clinic

Michael Joyce, Member, MV Youth Task Force 

Sarah Kuh, Director, MV Healthcare Access Program

Lewis Laskaris, Retired Pharmacist

Robert Laskowski, MD, Health Information Committee

Theresa Manning, Coordinator, MV Youth Task Force

Karen MacPhail, RN, Consumer

Paddy Moore, Healthy Aging Martha's Vineyard

Lisa Nagy, MD, Environmental Health Center of Martha's Vineyard

Chantale Patterson, Clinical Director, Hospice of Martha's Vineyard

Dan Pesch, OBGYN MD, Quality Control, Martha's Vineyard Hospital & Rural Scholars

Susan Pratt, Harm Reduction Specialist, Aids Support Group

Kathleen Samways, Chief Public Health Officer, Island Health Care

Susan Sanford, Director, Vineyard Complimentary Medicine

Joyce Stiles-Tucker, Director, Tisbury Council on Aging

Sheryl Taylor, Health Education Coordinator, MVPS

Cindy Trish, Executive Director, Healthy Aging MV

Martina Thornton, County Manager, Dukes County

Christine Todd, County Commissioner, Dukes County

Lisette Williams, Career Navigation Specialist, ACE MV

Jim Wolff, MD, Chief Medical Director, Island Health Care

Marie Zadeh, RN, Director, Windemere

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